A Churchill is a special kind of snowcone, that has powdered milk, condensed milk and ice cream. It's normally served in a fountain glass or mug. To be formally considered a Churchill and not just a snow cone, it has to be large (over 12 Oz / 350 ml), and at least have condensed and powdered milk. Sometimes fruit is added.

The original Churchill comes from the docks in Puntarenas, and is still served there today. According to historians[1], in the 1940's a local businessman, Joaquin Aguilar Esquivel, came up with the recipe. He would often go by diners and request one. At that time powdered milk and ice cream were not readily available in Puntarenas, so the owners quickly took notice of the unusual combination and named it after him. Esquivel was known around town as Churchill, due to his resemblance with the WWII politician, so the snowcone adopted this name.