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Location: Cuesta de Moras, San Jose
Date of construction: 1917
Current use: Museum

The Cuartel Bellavista was an army base, built in 1917. Construction was halted after a coup d'etat in 1919. The building was finally completed in 1930, as was used as the national armory as well as a millitary school.

When the millitary was abolished in 1948, the building was abandoned. 2 years later (1950) it was handed over to the National Museum, and has been used as a historical repository ever since.

The National Museum at Cuartel Bellavista currently specializes in precolumbine artifacts, as well as some historical artifacts from the colonial era.

The facades have been restored, with the exception of the north and south walls, considered historically relevant. These walls exhibit bullet holes, some dating back to the coup d'etat in 1917, and others from the revolution in 1948."

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