Coordinates: {{ #NewWindowLink:,-84.0910574535054&t=h%7C9.93532514832005,-84.0910574535054}}
Location: Paseo Colon, San Jose
Date of construction: 2012
Current use: Residential / Commerce

The tallest building in Costa Rica, at 100 meters (29 floors). Torre Paseo Colon took the title away from the Banco Nacional offices, which had stood at 80 meters as the tallest building in Costa Rica for close to 30 years.

The tower is commercial on the lower floors, and residential on the upper floors.

Downtown San Jose is a city which has been mostly devoid of residents since the 1970's, when suburbs started to attract most new homeowners. In the 1980's and 90's San Jose became a daytime city, which turned into a ghost town after 8 PM, leading to high indices of crime, vandalism and violence.

The local municipality saw this as a huge problem, which threatened the survival of the downtown area as a booming development zone, and started to apply special policies to bring people back at the turn of the 21st century. These policies have slowly had a positive effect, the culmination of which can be considered this tower. The fact that a building this large can be constructed in the heart of the downtown area and have it sell out before it's even finished, is an indicator that people see San Jose as a place to live, and are willing to invest in a home to come back to the city.

A second tower is planned, and will start construction soon.

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